🌏Community Actions


As staking rewards are generated by Validators, the newly created Gas Tokens sit in an unclaimed state at the network level until the Validator claims them and re-bonds them.

Any community member can execute a compound transaction with the Vault contract. This tells all of the participating Validators to claim then re-bond the claimed Gas Tokens. This enables Kintsu to benefit from compounding yield rewards, and can happen at most once per Era.

Compounding Incentive Fee

Kintsu offers a community incentive to anyone who provides this service. When a user executes a compound transaction, they qualify for the Incentive Fee. The incentive is paid out in the form of Gas Tokens, as a percentage of the Gas Tokens claimed during the Compounding process.

Note: this Incentive Fee is set and managed by the Governance Council.

Delegate Withdrawal Unbonded

Technically, any community member can execute the delegateWithdrawUnbonded function. If no community member does this, it will happen the next time a new Batching Period ends and a user tries to redeem Gas Tokens. There is no incentive fee for doing this.

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