📐Architecture: Aleph Zero

Technical architecture, core pieces, and system processes of Kintsu on Aleph Zero

Protocol Architecture

The Kintsu Protocol operates as a series of interconnected Smart Contracts deployed on the blockchain. Each of these contracts serves a specific function of the protocol.

Core Protocol Smart Contracts

The core smart contracts that make up the Kintsu protocol are the Vault Contract and the Registry Contract. The function of each of these are detailed in the following page:

🔓pageCore Smart Contracts

Staking and Un-staking

These are the mechanisms behind the core actions available to protocol users. In addition, the protocol itself executes certain processes behind the scenes in order to fulfill the desired functionality.

🔀pageStaking and Un-staking Mechanisms

Community Actions

These are actions that are necessary for the protocol to function as designed, and any community member can execute them. They may offer incentives to community members to assist in running the protocol. They do not require staking or un-staking of individual tokens.

🌏pageCommunity Actions

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